Veľa žien kladie veľký dôraz na to, aby vyzeralo dokonale. Tento fakt je, samozrejme, pochopiteľný, veď každá z nás sa chce páčiť a cítiť príťažlivo. Avšak, krása je relatívny pojem a kilá make-upu nie sú vždy zaručená cesta k úspechu. 

Mnohé slávne osobnosti majú pocit, že nosiť výrazné líčenie je pre ich fungovanie nesmierne dôležité, pretože sú neustále na očiach verejnosti a dopodrobna rozoberané na stránkach bulvárnych novín. No nie všetky celebrity majú strach ukázať sa bez líčidiel. Týchto 11 slávnych žien svojou prirodzenou krásou schová do vrecka všetky zmaľované hviezdy šoubiznisu.

Jennifer Lopez

Harlee and Nava #shadesofblue #askjlo @ginoanthonypesi

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Amanda Seyfried

"And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep."

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Liv Tyler

Totally nerdy morrissey hoody fan selfie !!! #morrissey @madisonsquaregarden #nowmyheartisfull thank you !!!!!

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Miley Cyrus

MonDAZE 🦄🦄🦄🦄 #mumulickedoffmostmyzitcream

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Tyra Banks

This is the Happiest Valentine's Day of my life. York, Daddy, and I send you so much love.

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Katy Perry

Swaying on the hammock under mango trees, fresh freckles on my face, everything irie 🌴

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Miranda Kerr

Loving my new @official_swarovski earrings #SwarovskiLook

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Olivia Wilde

Cameron Diaz

Hello Ladies! Happy Fall! Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious time of year; the chillier air, the changing and falling leaves; all of the markers of another year coming to a close, and a hint at the new one about to unfold. I first wanted to thank all of you who answered our call this past summer to send in any questions you might have about aging in a female body. I am so grateful for your participation, as it allowed us to address your inquries in the next volume of the @TheBodyBook. It is centered around the mental, physical and emotional journey of aging. And as we diligently put the finishing touches on the book, we’d like to ask for your help once more. This book is for you and about you and that’s why we’d like to see you on the cover. Much like the cover of the Body Book, under the jacket, were we featured women of all different shapes, sizes, builds and ethnicities. We would like for you to feel represented again, this time to show where you are in your process of aging. So we invite you to take a picture of yourself. It should look much like the one I have here; against a plain background, this general framing-you can crop closer to a portrait, and the higher-def the better! We’d like to see more of that beautiful face of yours than the body this time. And if you want to snap one with yourself and your mom and your daughter together, or any multiple generations or expressions of your journey with aging, we’d love to see those, too! And for the 50 we use on the actual cover, we’ll send you a signed copy of the book when it hits bookstores in April. So be yourself with it, be brave with it, have fun with it, and we can’t wait to see. Thank you again and Happy Selfie-ing!! Ox, Cameron To submit, click the link in my profile.

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Megan Fox

First IG selfie. Early morning✔️no makeup ✔️filter✔️✔️

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Gwyneth Paltrow

@robertdowneyjr how I love thee #pepperony

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Dominika S.
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