Kaderník Mark Bustos cestoval po celom svete, aby mohol ostrihať náhodných bezdomovcov. On sám veľmi dobre vie, že nový účes môže dodať človeku nielen sebavedomie, ale aj pokoriť sympatie u ľudí. Mark však ľuďom nepomáha iba novým strihom, po všetkých skúsenostiach založil v New Yorku charitu!

Každý trávi nedele inak. Tento mladý kaderník ju trávi už tri roky tým, že sa prechádza po New Yorku a ponúka svoje služby ľuďom, ktorí to najviac potrebujú. Ako pre internetový portál Today uviedol samotný Bustos, hoci nevie s niektorými ľuďmi ani verbálne komunikovať, každý z nich má obrovský zmysel pre vďačnosť.

Obdivuhodný kaderník tak ostrihal napríklad 53-ročného Thomasa, ktorý sa chystal na 10-hodinovú jazdu autobusom späť do Toronta, po takmer dvoch rokoch strávených na uliciach New Yorku. Thomas veľmi dobre vie, aké to je byť vďačný za akúkoľvek pomoc. Nie je to totiž tak dávno, čo bol on sám na ,,druhej strane“ a pomáhal pacientom ako asistent zdravotnej sestry. Ďalším pánom na strihanie bol 53-ročný Richie Roberts, ktorý pracoval ako lekársky asistent a býval v útulku v Bronxe, kým ho pred tromi mesiacmi nevyhodili. Dnes so všetkými svojimi vecami cestuje, kde sa len dá. Keď Bustos dokončoval svoj účes, Roberts mu povedal: ,,Och, chlapče, mám dobrý pocit, a to som sa ešte ani nevidel.“ Bol to práve ten pocit vďaky a nadšenia, ktorý dokáže človeka presvedčiť, že skutočne robí to, čo vždy chcel. „Boh nám dal dve ruky. Jednu na prijímanie a druhu na dávanie,“ dodal Bustos.

Nielenže Bustos vytvára bezdomovcom dobrý pocit tým, že im robí nový strih, ale rozdáva im aj oblečenie, jedlo a toaletné potreby zakaždým, keď ide von. Takto pomáhal nielen po celej Amerike, ale aj v šiestich rôznych krajinách, vrátane Číny, Kostariky a Jamajky. Ako skonštatoval samotný hairstylista, v hĺbke duše sme všetci rovnakí bez ohľadu na to, kde vo svete sme. Každý má svoj príbeh.


Neil, 54 Originally from Toronto, Canada. Neil has been in NYC for about a year and a half. He was contemplating on getting back on the bus that same evening to Toronto to get his life back together. His decision was made easy after his new haircut. Neil, I wish you all the best and a safe journey back to Toronto! ………. "I graduated from school and became a nurse's attendant for 7 years at a hospital. I did everything for people. I used to help dress and undress patients, feed them, and spend a lot of time with them. (With a smile on his face he mentioned)- The toughest part of my job was helping them on and off the commode. I had a patient that became a quadriplegic after a horrible accident. I pushed him around everywhere in his wheelchair and he especially loved when we went outdoors for fresh air." #BeAwesomeToSomebody

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Spring has sprung on this gorgeous head of hair on the streets of NYC. 📷@williamyan #BeAwesomeToSomebody

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continued story (2/2) Leo's hair hasn't been cut in over a year and was completely matted under his hat. He had his chin pinned to his chest and eyes down at the ground for most of the haircut and kept asking- how's it looking? He would crack a smile every time @babyl_a_l_a and @williamyan hyped him up telling him how much great progress has been made. Leo has 2 kids and still keeps in contact with them. When I asked how he ended up on the streets, he laughed and said, "Women." Leo is a well dressed, intelligent and eloquent man that clearly takes care of himself to the best of his ability, given the circumstance. His belongings were neatly lined up against the wall where he stays alongside an upscale restaurant in the thriving meatpacking district of NYC. When I asked him about his employment situation he responded, "I get jobs here and there but nothing steady." He very briefly mentioned something about developing an app. After sharing his story with some friends, I learned that Leo has a YouTube video with nearly 1 million views. Leo is known as the "homeless coder" who developed an app with the help of a young programmer named Patrick McConlogue. #BeAwesomeToSomebody 📷 @WilliamYan

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See you soon Miami! #BeAwesomeToSomebody

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What a year! 2015 brought me around the world and back, multiple times- to do what I love without changing a single thing for anybody. I do what I do simply because it's the right thing to do. If you truly want to make a difference in the world, you cannot sit around and wait for anybody to tell you what to do. Step outside of your comfort zone!! Meeting people all over the globe, once again, showed me that no matter where we're from, who we are, what we have, and what we do- we are all human. We all require the same basic necessities in order to survive, and that's the bottom line. For me, finding "success" has been 17 years in the making. Throughout my journey, I used to think working my way up in the hair industry to eventually earn top dollar for a single haircut defined success. When I got there, I realized I was wrong. To improve the life of another human being and to inspire as many people as you possibly can- that's success. Find your passion and KILL IT. "You're either expensive or free, never cheap." -@therealphilliplim (I'll never forget these words. 🙏) Comment below and tell me where you're from! Maybe see you in 2016! #BeAwesomeToSomebody #Downtownjerseycity #JCmakeityours

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STOIC, sto·ic, /ˈstōik/ -a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining. If there was ever a photo of an individual beside the definition of Stoic, it would be of this 84 year old man in JinShan District, China. He has been a farmer his entire life, since he was a young boy. When I first saw him, he was building shelter for his little ducklings, cutting bamboo with a handsaw. Due to the language barrier, not a word was exchanged during the entire haircut, not even about the hairstyle he wanted. He brought out his chair, and sat down. Once again, on the opposite side of the globe, in a rural province of China, the universal language of giving and receiving a haircut prevails- And the positive emotion, whether physically expressed or not, is shared by every individual that trusts my God-given ability to extend my hands unto another human being on this planet. #BeAwesomeToSomebody #China

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Málokedy mám zavreté ústava, mám veľké srdce a (takmer vždy) prekypujem dobrou náladou.Úsmev a smiech sú mojou neoddeliteľnou súčasťou.Milujem zvieratá, rada si prečítam dobrú knihu, navarím chutný obed a najradšej dávam myšlienky na papier.Veľa filozofujem a často odbieham myšlienkami do sci-fi sveta.Nerada stojím na jednom mieste a život beriem ako super zážitok :)


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